Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in Florida

Hi Everyone,

Its in the 70's here and cloudy . It sure doesn't feel like Christmas. As there is nothing open or happening here, we are going to take a drive to the beach. How kwel is that! No snow !!!!!!! And we thank God for all the blessings in our life. So far all the projects on the boat are taking a little longer then we thought they would. My new phrase is "Nothing is ever easy, one step forward, three steps back!" We finally got the name and our hailing port on the boat the other day. Had to put it on while bobbing up and down in the dingy with Kathy holding on to the painter through a port hole so I wouldn't float away. Good thing everything went smooth because if I took any steps backwards, I would've been swimming with the manatees.

We do want to wish all of our friends and family following this blog a "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."

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