Sunday, December 6, 2009

One step forward

We are continuing getting the boat ready for sailing. We didn't realize how big this boat was until we viewed it in the lift being moved into position to put it into the water. The yard workers set her into the water as gentle as a feather. After getting her into the water and still in the slings, we started looking into making sure that none of the wet stuff on the outside was getting inside. I had checked all the seacocks that I had replaced or worked on, 3 times. As I looked into the kitchen through the top hatch I noticed that the floor was covered in about an inch of water. It was then and there that I discovered that the one and only seacock that I didn't check was the one I didn't work on. Ahhhh, "Danger, danger Will Robertson", wet stuff inside! After closing the sink through hull, the bilge pumps took care of the little water that had made it inside. We continued checking the bilge every half hour for incoming water. None was found. That night on the boat I had a hard time sleeping, I kept checking the bilge for water every hour. Warren slept like a log going out to sea.
Now we have to do a few things to get the engine going. I hope we get to take a few steps forward and none back. So far when we work on something we find two more things we have to do before the project is done.

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