Tuesday, January 5, 2010

God has a sense of humor

It's 45 degrees right now and I am sitting on a heating pad. ( now my nick name is hot cross buns) I was hoping my vocabulary would change here. You know like I am so Hot I'll put my shorts and tank top on. But NO God thinks I need to freeze a little more. Warren has the engine apart which makes it so the heater doesn't work. Sometime I go sit in the car so I can warm up. We drove 35 miles to dinner last night so we could be warm for a while. They say that by next week it should warm up. The birds and I are thinking the same thing right now. How much further south do I have to go to get warm!!!!


james said...

Hey, good to see that things are still moving forward. You call 45 cold??? You have already turned into one of them!!! Thanks for keeping us up to date. How is the video camera and laptop working? When we are sitting in MOP 4 and playing games this weekend, I will make sure we tell them it could be worse. We could be sitting in a freezing boat without a heater and the only source of heat is Warren. :)

Take care,
James Sjoblom

Stacy said...

Hi Aunt Kathy you look cold and I love you have you jumped in the water yet?

warped said...

it could be minus 20! it also looks like you're in a freezer, sort of a fog happening in your picture :) Looking forward to hearing of your high seas adventures. be safe and keep blogging! love g

warped said...

hey, I heard that you'll get a couple more days of the 'deep freeze', with tomorrow night being the coldest. Sounds like the perfect time to crawl under your quilt!