Monday, June 18, 2012

We are anchored at White cay in the Berry Islands. This is a beautiful little anchorage that is just big enough for a couple of boats.  We traveled 20 miles from Frazer Hog Cay and stayed two nights. There was a strong current running through the anchorage and Warren never felt comfortable. This is when he realized that he had a lot to get used to.  Worrying about dragging anchor all the time is very nerve racking.
 Here are a few pictures of this beautiful place.  When you look out and see the different colored water, the light teal colors are the sand and the darker ones are grass or coral.  When we anchor I am at the bow trying to direct Warren to the best looking sand patch. The hard part is trying to find one that is not to close to shore and not in the current. I did a pretty good job, we never dragged. Oh, I should mention that we had the best anchor Warren could find, a 60 pound Mason supreme. Warren kept saying how he wished it was 80lbs for the additional holding power.

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