Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Arizona until March

Since the middle of August we have been in Arizona working for my brother. He is a contractor and remodels homes. Its great spending time with Derek. He works very hard and does a great job.  It's hard to tell that there is a recession on, he is always busy.  While working in the desert  we have seen snakes, scorpions, grubs and many other  bugs, so here is a picture for ya.... can you see the bug?
 I am so looking forward to being retired again. We finally have a day in the week to stay home. (we are staining and clear coating 500 ft of base board.) Sounds like fun, huh?  Its better than doing drywall mud.  We should be back at the boat around the first week in March. The boat yard that we have the boat at is closing. The owners are trying to sell it and they think they can get it sold faster if no one is there.  So we will leave here March 9th and should be back in Marathon the 11th.

We are not sure where we are going once we get there, but I would love to go back to the Bahamas:) We don't do much but work, but if we do something interesting I'll try and post it. Thanks for keeping tabs on us.

This view shows the stick bug better. This bug picture reminds me a little about when we think we have troubles. Sometime all we need to do is step back and look at it for another view. A new perspective changes everything
That is Kathy's bug thoughts for the year:) Stay tuned for How fast grubs can dig. LOL I am just having a little fun here.
Hope you All Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

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