Sunday, June 3, 2012

 We left Boot Key harbor Monday, May  28 and arrived in the Bahamas Wednesday night. Crossing the gulf stream went very well. The waters where very calm and the color was so pretty. The picture is from behind the boat while we where crossing. We anchored 2 nights on the Bahama banks.  The water was only 8ft deep, the winds were 15mph and it was quit Rollie. We then anchored in Bullock harbor for 2 nights it was very squally and windy. We decide to leave there and head for Frazer Hog cay to meet up with friends who where in the Abacos.
 The marina here is small, they have wifi so its prefect. The wifi is $10 a day, so we will not use it to often. You can order a conch salad, chowder or fritters. We will try some while we are here.
Here is a picture of us on the mooring at Frazer Hog


Here we are getting the dink ready to go in and clear through customs. Here Sammy decided that he would try to sneak on shore before all the clearing in was accomplished.  Warren is admonishing Sammy that only the captain can go ashore until customs has been cleared and to get back on the boat.  Sammy wasn't a happy cruiser for a few minutes.

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Way to go! -Capt. Roland