Tuesday, April 10, 2012

new v-drive

This is what the v-drive looks like on the inside of the salt water cooling compartment. Very corroded and the black hole on the upper left hand corner shows were the dip stick corroded through.  So we are buying a new v-drive and a torque
plate for the transmission. We are thankful we found it here. We are ordering the parts now so maybe we'll have it in, in two weeks.  Thats looking on the brite side. :D 
Here's a quick shot looking out toward the boat from the marina.  Just thought you might want to share the day:)

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MATO said...

I see ur still in marathon. Hope things get better for u guys! We r getting into much cooler weather. We r in N.C. and we keep on keeping on. Hope to see you guys next year or next season!