Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beautiful day to work

What a great day to work! Warren is repainting the outboard motor with anti-barnacle paint. The reason for this is because Boot Key really has some of the fastest growing sea creatures. We also are putting it on the bottom of the dinghy.

  Here's a update on the dental problem. Last Monday we rented a car and drove to Miami so Warren could get a root canal.  What a hassle, the dentist at Gable dental couldn't find the last root so she sent us to Dr Gracia. A specialist.... what a nice guy, fast and efficient and the authority on the best cupcakes around.  He treated us to a pack of Misha mini cupcake. While I was waiting for Warren I kept watching all these people going in this cupcake place. Now I know why, they are the most moist and delicious we have had. :)
So then Friday we went back for the crown fitting.
Now we wait until the 12th for the crown to be put on.

We also sent the parts and metal pieces off to Dad
so he can make us a new top for the v-drive,  hopefully it will be done at the same time. When that's done we'll be able to check the oil in the v-drive. Why someone filled it with epoxy we don't know. A new dip stick was only $35 we picked it up in Fort Lauderdale Friday.  Also we'll change the oil, who knows when that was changed last.  Warren can't believe he missed this.
I told him he had a lot of broken stuff to fix so the stuff that was working was not on his mind.

Sammie has a problem with his nose.... he keeps putting it in things :)

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