Saturday, March 24, 2012


 I am learning the meaning of patience! Warren needs some dental work done so we"ll be here for at least two more weeks. The dentist is in Miami so we thought we would just sail to Dinner Key which is in Biscayne Bay. The dentist is an easy walk of 1.9 miles, sounds great, right! So this morning we are ready to leave (again) and we put the boat in gear and it starts making weird noises. We just had the prop and bottom cleaned so there are no barnacles.  Warren thought it was coming from the "V" drive and is now going through it.  So now we are delayed again.....but there is a happy spot in all of this mess.  We found a stow way, he jumped ship from another boat. The only thing we can figure is that the boat he was on was either going home for the rest of the year or for good. We've met so many people here from all around the world and a lot of them going home or are ending their cruising lifestyle.  So we guess he still wants to do some traveling.  And there is just no way to tell who let him go.  There are inflatables going by the boat at all hours of the day and night he could have hitched a quick ride on any of them to jump ship.   I just hope we don't disappoint him.

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Anonymous said...

ask the stowaway if he needs a root canal!!! i hope you guys are under way and are having an awesome trip.
--dr g