Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting closer

In the last two weeks we have been having so much fun, finding parts and repairing this old engine.(ha ha)  Warren is dreaming of putting in a Cummins.  He is going to be dreaming for a while. Here is a picture of the old torque plate, as you can see it is broken and the springs are very loose. We took the transmission into get tested and it did great. We also had the starter checked out and it was full of oil. Once Warren removed the bell housing we could tell the rear main oil seal was leaking.  So we sent to England for it, no one in the states had any.  We have all the parts and pieces now.  Everything is going back well, the only problem is the new V-drive. It weights 100 lbs and a little awkward.  We are going to test fit it in today.  The picture that came with the unit shows it to be a little bigger.  But the guy who designed it says it's the same. If it's bigger we will need to do a little fiberglass work on the built in hydro muffler.  It was bigger (3") and we had to take out the hydro muffler completely and buy a new one. It was not an easy job.

 While we have been waiting for parts we did a little bright work.  Here's Warren doing some sanding, then I come along and put a new coat of vanish on. Ahhh what fun! Sarcasm is one of my many talents.:) 

Right now it is very windy and rainy, but if we can get this done by the weekend the weather forecast is starting to look good for a gulf stream crossing. My fingers and toes are crossed!  

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