Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving in Paradise

This is the Tiki Hut where they had the Thanksgiving feast last night.  They also had a movie, Operation Petticoat. I love that movie, it's with Cary Grant and Tony Curtis...funny. 
Today the wind is blowing like crazy and tomorrow it's going to be the same.
The water police were out here in the harbor this week writing tickets to people who did not have all their safety equipment and registration numbers.  No numbers on your dink is a hundred and seventy five dollar fine. So we got the numbers on the dinghy and now we are finally legal.(figured we would do it before we got a ticket)  We had to paint the numbers on while we where at the dock,
because the water was so rough out at the boat.

So for all you are-tist types out there, here is the sun setting on our Mona Lisa.

Now Warren is waiting on the Single Sideband radio to arrive so he can get it in before we head on over to the Bahamas. So after our friends come and go in the middle of Dec, we will be waiting for weather window to cross over and the radio is really important.  We'll probably be here until late December or whenever we get some kind of southernly wind for a couple of days. 

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warped said...

So exciting!! I hear the Bahama's calling :) had a nice TG with Ritchie's, dinner again with them tomorrow w/ Maynards, too. Mary was gone so long, it's taking some time to catch up!! Stay safe and keep us posted on your whereabouts when possible. Hugs, miss ya, xoxo G