Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The Marathon City Marina is a pretty nice place. Here's a picture of the book exchange, you can bring in your old books and exchange them for books you haven't read. This is also where you can find business cards for people who can help you with your boat problems and guide books on what is going on in the Keys. 
Here is another one that shows how the mooring balls are constructed and work.

The Marina also has WiFi, TVs, work rooms and laundry facilities. The monthly charge is only $275 and that includes one pump out a week and full run of the place. One of the people staying here puts on a movie on Thursday nights with his computer and a sheet in an covered area on the grounds.  In the morning there is yoga in that same area.  We have decided to wait here for a weather window to cross over to the Bahama's and drive to the Seven Seas Cruising Gam if we still want to go. The Gulf Stream that runs up the coast of Florida can get pretty bad with any North wind and that is all we are having right now.
Marathon is not what you would call a picturesque town.  So I'll try and find other things to take pictures of.
We hope to take the dinghy out for a beach combing exploration ride tomorrow if the winds die down, they are blowing 18 to 25 mph right now.  We have had to walk everywhere but Warren met another CSY owner and he is letting us use his bikes. Boy it sure makes it a lot faster.  Warren made 3 trips to the West Marine store, I think he had his exercise for today.

This is Tom and Judy Johnson we met them at Marco Island they are sailing on a CSY 37. They left St. Petersburg the same day we did. They are super nice people!

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