Monday, November 7, 2011

In seach of the beach

The other day we decided that we wanted to go to a beach and chill out.  So, we are heading down the channel looking for Sombrero Beach. It's about 1 mile away so we just tootled along, looking at some nice, REALLY NICE  homes.The mangroves you see behind us are on a little island, that no one lives on anymore.
Sombrero beach is a nice man made park that has volleyball courts, bathrooms and a picnic area. 
As we walked along, discovering the beach, we found some really old brain coral. It was cool. I was sure glad I wore my nifty crocks because there are some pretty sharp edges on it. Of course there were not many people over here. So in my searching and discovering this new area, I discovered a small tidal pool.  I love to examine them to see what the tide has left behind. 

Here is one of those pictures like, "Can you find Waldo".   Except, "Can you find the fishie?"  In Alaska there where always crabs but all I could find here was one lone fish.  :(  It took me a little bit to find it because it blended so well with it's background.


warped said...

Looks like you're having a grand time :) dick and mary on the road home, will be fun to have them back. When do you head for the Bahamas? Warm sand and some sunshine would be heaven! have a great Thanksgiving and safe sailing, love g

warped said...

Hey, have a terrific Christmas!!! Where are you spending it? We're having the Ritchie clan + for dinner, 20 in all. Meredith off to Cali with the boyfriend :) Enjoy your holidays and keep in touch. Hugs, love ya, G