Thursday, June 17, 2010

Finding all the leaks

This isn't Warrens idea of hide-in-seek, this is Warren finding a small leak that you can't even see.
He decided to grind and sand the area and re-fibeglass it. When they put the lazerette in, it was a separate part of the deck. All these years it had a tiny hole that leaked. The wood on the inside will have to be replaced some day, but its not that bad.
That's a job for later after we have sailed for a while.We have been working on the windless, which lead to the chain locker which needs to be revamped. Which, lead to the  holding tank which was cracked.  So this now leads to a new project.  One step forward, three back!!!  To the right is the old tank  the new one is below. We found this tank that was made for a power boat 8 years ago and figured to give it a try.  So we bought this tank for 30 bucks which is a really good price, as a matter of fact it's a steal.  It fits the inside bow of the boat like it was made for it. But it needed a bigger hole for the exit. Which is why we took a trip to Lake Wales, a small town in central Florida. Warren was so happy to find the manufacturer for this tank right here. They cut the hole and added the new fitting for free. News on Lake Wales at eleven. :)  Now for the rest of the of my friends wrote me a email telling me about a sewer treatment system that is Coast Guard, class 1 approved for the treatment and release of treated sewage within the 3 mile limit.  And it just so happened that the manager of the yard we are in had one sitting in his parts shed for a couple of years, brand new never used.  He gave it to us for another steal.  Now you know what this means don't you?  That's right!  No holding tank needed!!!!  CRAP!  So we'll keep the tank just in case the electroscan goes out and we need a back up. Now we are putting a new sewer treatment in,
what fun:) 
Now, the news at eleven: 
Lake Wales is a small town that made turpentine and grow citrus trees in the 1920s. It has a historic district in downtown with a few shops but the economy has hit here too.  They are also known for Spook Hill,  stop at the sign which tells you to pull up to the white line. Turn off your engine at the bottom of the steep hill, put the gear into neutral and your car will appear to roll back uphill! We didn't have time to do this but we think it's interesting.
They built a hotel Originally named the "Dixie Walesbilt," the building now known as the Grand Hotel, a ten-story "skyscraper," stands as enduring testimony to the spirited optimism of the Great Florida Boom Period.
  Here is a now and then-

It was a nice drive.

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