Monday, May 31, 2010

It's time to clean the hull

  Warren decided to clean the hull himself, you can hire someone to do this, but he wants to give it a  try. During the winter the water was clear, now that its warm its clouded up and algae is growing like crazy. Once we get  moving and in the Bahamas we won't have this problem, moving is the secret. We are wiring the windless and waiting on climbing gear so we can go up the mast and install the radar, so why not do some cleaning while we have time:)


warped said...

will write more later, just one question -- do you think the oil from the BP spill will come around and affect you? hope not. xoxox g

warped said...

I'm back :) We have had nice 70's lately, although today its a bit rainy and chilly (but the grass appreciates it!). Cathy Thomas has made it to town, but I haven't seen her yet. We've been able to play tennis outside for awhile now, it's so nice! Your boat is coming along, the woodwork is beautiful. Hey - how much are you selling your bracelets for? They are pretty cool. Dick and Mary are still outside, we miss having them around. I think I saw more of Lee when he was working than I do now that he's retired, he's doing odd jobs for just about everyone but me, haha. Meredith is working at Eldorado again. Mickey is busy with Tassie in agility training and it sounds like T is getting the hang of it. I just finished two baby quilts and had 8 grad quilts to do this year. They all turned out really well, 3 of them were the same pattern as yours with some tennis fabric in them for my 'boys' from LHS. Hope that thing kept you warm through what passes as winter for you two. Well, not much else - it's fun watching the boat progress - keep in touch. Love Gayle