Monday, May 17, 2010

The Windless

With the Taj Mahal of mounting blocks finally finished, an inch of fiberglass laid up over the wood and a gel coat over it, then another inch and a half of fiberglass added to five square feet of the underside of the forepeak to level the area for aluminum backing plates, special bolts ordered twice. The windlass is finally mounted.
What an ordeal. Oh I forgot, the 3M 5200 that seals out water, it's a permanent adhesive and a royal MESS to work with when things don't go as planned.(I have a new name for it) We knew that the required amount of 5200 would be large in places. So I figured these out and applied the goop from Hades. In areas where so much wasn't needed I went light, I thought. After putting down the windlass, putting up the metal plates from the bottom, slipping the bolts through their proper places we started tightening the bolts. Kathy up on top of the deck and me under lying on a board facing up. Well, it kinda reminds me of a time when a fuel flow transmitter from a jet engine hit me in the head while changing it from the bottom. Only this time I expected a little. What I got was pretty much a rain fall of white death (my new name for 5200) None dropped on me but the board caught enough and then got in my hair, on my ears, neck and wherever else it wanted to go. Lucky for me I still use hairspray so it just washed out, but I went through about a quart of acetone to clean the rest of me. And I still missed some. Oh well, "all's well that ends well." Now the cables! Oh, what fun!!:)

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