Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Day in Pompano

Saturday we decided to take a break and go to a bead show in Pompano. Pompano is up the coast from Fort Lauderdale, which is on the East coast 266 miles away. The bead show was not that great but of course I did have to buy a few beads.:)
They do have nice beaches.  We arrived right after the Hands Across the Beaches idiots had demonstrated for no more drilling for oil, I guess they want to walk and give up their cars.
 We think the beaches on the Gulf Coast are better, the sand is finer and the water warmer.

The only thing that they have in Pompano that we could see besides condos and beaches is this Light House, it's on the property of a private yacht club. We took this picture from across the inlet. There is a small park and we could see all the boat traffic going though the draw bridge. Which makes me not want to go to Ft Lauderdale, to many bridges!   

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