Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today, with the help of Capt. Roland Briere we took Sea Notes out on our first sail.
Capt Roland did a great job of setting aside our worries about handling Sea Notes, she is a very steady vessel. The winds where in the right directions leaving port but on the way back it was on the nose. We started up the engine, and we where watching the temp gauge very close. It didn't disappoint us, our temp was rising. The heat exhaust manifold cap was leaking pressure, we think.  This will not let it build up the pressure like it is suppose to and then it over heats.  Exactly like a radior in a car. Hopefully we can get a new one tomorrow. And that will fix that, and just 2 other things to do to on the mast and one on the rudder we should be set to leave.
We want to thank Capt. Roland for his patience!
It's hard to believe, it's finally happening!!!!

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