Friday, June 24, 2011

It's never SIMPLE

We found out that the engine can run without building up pressure.(The mechanic that we talked to didn't know what he was talking about! The engine does need to build pressure ) So now Warren is replacing or rebuilding everything that is involved with the cooling system. We also found out the best place to get a new fresh water pump is in the U.K. This engine is really a British Leyland built in England and Westerbeke just added some components and put their name on it. If you try and buy a Westerbeke part here in the USA they charge you an arm and a leg plus your first born. So now we are waiting on the pump.....and we paid way less then half of what Westerbeke ask. Warren was researching this for two days. I am really really really hoping this will fix it. The fun is going to happen someday I promise!!! Even if I have to get there in the dinghy!!! :)


gayle hazen said...

Hey you two! What's up? I saw a new beading book the other day and thought of you. Your new pieces are gorgeous :) Miss you, would be nice to hit some tennis balls. Hope you have some on the water adventures soon. love ya, g

Kathy and Warren said...

Thanks Gayle, I miss hitting that little yellow ball.