Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We found it!!!!

We are almost ready to start sea trials and what should happen??  The beast of "one step forward, and two steps backwards" rears it's ugly head.  After getting the battery box ready for the new batteries, I repositioned a bunch of wires, installed a new fuse for the engine starter and just tidied up the area from the mass confusion of existing wiring from previous owners.  In the process I removed a grounding wire for the fuse box, reinstalled it and didn't get it back tight enough, thus causing the refrigerator to go into ground fault mode.  It has taken me a week to track down the faulty ground and then when I found it, it wasn't the wire I was looking for.  Lucky me for touching all the ground wires on the buss bar and finding it.  So far tonight, the fridge has worked without going into the fault mode and the batteries are keeping up with the load.  A few more nights with it working like this  and we'll call it good.  You should have seen Kathy do the "We found it!" dance.  Hilarious!  I do need to take some kind of electrical course so I can at least tell my butt from applebutter. :)  Just a couple more things that are safety concerns to complete then its on to sea trials.

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Matthew and Julie said...

Hey congrats! My suggestion, if any more info is needed about applebutter, Warren of the Gypsy Soul, knows a lot about it, lol! Don't worry though it doesn't just rear it's ugly head at only you guys. Today the masts were suppose to go up. Key words 'suppose to', but tomorrow should be the big day! Good luck guys