Sunday, September 5, 2010


This radar was quite the challange, if the weather wasn't making it hard then the wires with the big connectors on the ends were.  We tried everything to get that wire down without cutting off the connector
but alas, the connector had to be cut. We just had to buy a special tool to reconnect it. Warren is getting good at climbing up there. The wind instrutment is up and so is the new LED tri color/anchor light at the top. Now we just need to get them all connected to the Nav station. In between the trips up the mast we are doing wood work. It sure is looking good. :) We will be getting the arch built for the back of the boat this coming week. It will hold the solar panels and dingy. We should be able to take the boat out for a test drive soon.

We are having a good
time here. The sun and the 90 degrees are worth getting use to.
Its so much better then a few weeks of summer and then hello winter. 

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