Sunday, August 1, 2010


It's July and several things happened this month.  Warren finished the front head, he got the new water pump back in and worked the sewage device through twice and everything works. But, in between  finishing the front head and testing the sewage device the front air conditioner quit blowing cold air and the refrigerator quit pumping water through the compressor.  They were getting to hot and he thought that it was freezing up from running all the time but the people who install them said that it was calcium build up in the condenser.  So he had to get some dissolver to run through the systems.  It took a whole day for each one.  But they now run like they are suppose to.  He's also been working on the plumbing for the showers.  He got the plumbing done(what a hassle) and had to plumb 2 lines into one through a plastic "Y".  Needless to say, it leaked like a waterfall so now we are hunting for one we don't have to jury rig.  Next comes
the starboard water tank.  It has a crack and leaks water. The tank is so long he had to make 2 more access ports.  The tank is built into the boat and we where going to try and take it out and replace it with a plastic one. But because it has such a complicated compound shape Warren decided it would be easier and cheaper to fix the crack and re coat the inside. When they made the tank they used to much gel coat and it was so thick it cracked in dozens of places and made hundreds of blisters so he had to sand them all. He sanded for 3 1/2 days on it. The cracks and blister were not so bad but algae and mold were growing in them.  We found a food grade coating for water tanks.(which is the only full time food contact coating there is right here in St. Petes) He will tackle the other tank later. Hopefully he will get back up the mast and get the radar going in the next week or so.


warped said...

geez, I almost hate to ask this, but inquiring minds want to know: would it have been cheaper to have bought a new boat? sounds like you are chasing yourselves in circles!! :) Excited to see the 'finished' product when all these little bits and pieces are repaired. Oh well, I guess it keeps W off the streets, eh? We've had some nice weather, and I've gotten the proverbial tennis tan from my shoes. HS tennis started last week, so we're outside every afternoon soaking up whatever sun we can find before the snow flies. keep in touch, and remember that if/when you come back for a visit we have a guest room waiting xoxoxo g

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