Saturday, October 15, 2011

Change in plan

Thanks to AT & T for cell service 10 miles off shore, we checked the weather. There are going to be 25 to 30 mph winds in the keys this weekend. So we decided to make a detour to Marco Island and anchor in Factory Bay. Right now the winds are about 17 to 23 mph. The anchoring went OK for the first time just needed to let out more chain before backing down. There is a marina here and a lot of nice houses. We'll go a shore when the winds die down. We also had a hard time sleeping. I guess that is something we will have to get use to. Once we anchored we sleep like the dead. I feel so much better. We'll stay here until Thursday that's when all this bad weather will leave. There are stores in walking distance so we will take a walk about later.

* Marco Island first nights sunset, the picture doesn't do it justice it was very pink.

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warped said...

ain't technology grand? haha cell phone service on a sail boat, pretty nifty. hoping macd's has the wifi so you can post more pics, looks great so far!
love g
p.s. mackenzie calvillo and kade fitzgerald (lathrop) won the mixed doubles at State -- SO exciting!! love those kids!