Monday, August 15, 2011

A pain in the neck

Have you ever thanked God for a week long sore neck? We are!! When we took the boat out last month I went down to get Warren some aspirin. That's when I felt the vibration. At first Warren thought the engine might be out of alignment, then maybe the shaft was bent. We took the boat out of the water today and removed the shaft and it looks fine. So we are taking it and the drive shaft coupling to a specialist to fine out if it is bent.  There is some crevice corrosion in the shaft so that may necessitate replacing the shaft whether it's bent or not.  We could have trashed our transmission if we hadn't caught this now. And that would really set us back! So thank God for needing the aspirin!!!!
The picture below is a cutlass bearing puller Warren and Dad made from the idea and plans of a Mr. Ron Sheridan, another CSY owner. The puller will allow you to remove and replace the cutlass bearing without pulling the boat out of the water....that is if your not pulling the shaft.  And this made it soooooo much easier to remove than the first time. Just in case you are like me..... and don't know what a cutlass bearing is. It keeps the prop shaft centered in the shaft tube so it doesn't wobble. I don't know how long this is going to take, but I'll try and keep you posted. :)

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warped said...

Sounds as if you're closer and closer to hitting the high seas! At least you'll know that boat inside out :) Wishing you safe sailing SOON!! Miss you, Love Gayle