Saturday, May 21, 2011


We have the engine running good, the injector pump being rebuilt took care of the RPM's. Now the problem is with the temp gauges. Warren has replaced all the wiring on the temp gauge, new buss bar, new sending units, new gauge and still has to much resistnace in the circuit and reads 200 degrees when it is really only 170 as verified with a older mechanical gauge.  So because its required that the temp gauge read correctly, he ordered a mechanical gauge. It should be here Monday and then we are just waiting on the glue for the dinghy.  While we are waiting, we are installing a deck wash down pump. You use this to keep the mud and sand out of the chain locker.
On a previous post we were getting the inflatable(dink) fixed.  The dealer was re-gluing the patches that hold the oars, and rings on.  So about a week after he returned the dink we went out to drop the dink back into the water to go for a ride and we noticed that several of the patches and rings were coming off again.  So I called the dealer again and let him know and he said that he did some research on why the heat down here is making the glue come off.  And this is the honest to goodness truth that he told me;  our dink was made in Korea and was the last batch made in that factory before they moved to a new maker in China.  Anywise, there were two manufactures of glue, one factory is "Ding Dong" which makes the glue that lets go when it gets hot and the other(I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP!) is "Dong Ding" which makes the permanent one.  So he was telling me that the factory was using glue from Ding Dong and not the one from Dong Ding because the factory was having problems with the Dong Ding and decided to go with Ding Dong instead. So I'm on the phone listening to this story and thinking that this guy is stringing me along with a good yarn.  So he is now trying to convince me that he is telling me the truth with Ding Dong and Dong Ding and in the process we both degenerated into fits of laughter to the point we couldn't talk anymore. And that is the truth and I'm sticking to it.

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