Saturday, March 26, 2011

The end of March

Well we have been trying to get the auto pilot in for the last three weeks. We thought they ordered the wrong controller for the cockpit but found out today that all we needed to do is just cut the end of a cable off and put a different one on. But Warren is getting frustrated and is taking today off.

We went to a nautical flea market today. We found what we needed a cheek block for only $10 they sell for $53. The flea market was at Echerd College, all the stuff is donated and the proceeds go to help their nautical programs. As you can see lots of people.
We meet Matt and Julies, v/s Coup d'Amout a few months ago. They have been working on their boat in Treasure Island, which is by the beaches. I meant to take their picture today at the flea market but they had a long list of stuff to look for and I forgot. They are heading down to Venice. We wish them all the best! They have a blog also
Here are a few pictures of Venice beaches we took these a couple weeks ago.

We really want to leave here April 4 or 5 but I have stopped making plans. If Warren can get the auto pilot in and a few sea trials, All the rest of the projects we can do anywhere. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed. If I had anything else to cross I would!

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