Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We're Back in Florida

This is one of three picture that was taken on our trip to Washington and Alaska. It was taken by Grace, which was a nice surprise. She is a good friend from Fairbanks who just happen to be in Wasilla for her sons basketball game.  We took the camera but forgot to take pictures. These are our grandniece's Lily and Natalie. It was a wonderful quick visit. The weather was cold and snowy, the next time we return it will be in summer:) Now it's time to get the boat ready to sail.  I decided to look for a used out broad motor, and found one first try. I looked on Craig's list and found one in Weeki Wachee that's a town about 60 miles from St. Pete's. It had just been listed a few hours before I started looking, a good price also..(a Johnson 15 hp--1995 low hours)  Now that's a blessing!
Just to let you know it's COLD here too:( 
Warren is reworking the battery box, the hot water heater needs to be readjusted. Not to interesting and I didn't think he is having a good time. Well my waters hot for my cocoa, time to warm up!!!!

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warped said...

Hi! Glad you got to see Grace! We will be looking for you next summer :) Have a wonderful Christmas and safe sailing xoxoxoxox gayle, lee, and meredith xoxox