Thursday, November 4, 2010

Still Working

Today it's raining so we are working on the front bathroom (the forward head). Replacing the old counter top, faucets and fixing doors. I'll take a picture when it's done:) We put the new sails up yesterday. Boy are they nice and crisp. We also learned everything you don't want to do when putting up the main sail. IE...... make sure all the other halyards are out of the way, put the line on furler so it rolls the right direction and don't hit your head on the boom. We hope to try them out soon, but we have to take the truck to Washington and store it at my Aunt Sandy's.(which we are very thankful for)

We are going back home for Thanksgiving so we have a lot to do, we want to head on down to the Keys by the end of Dec.

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warped said...

Things are looking good! Waiting for pics of the bathroom :) What are your fall plans? Will you be in AK?