Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday Night

We have become good friends with this guy at the boatyard by the name of Scott.  On Thursday afternoon he invites us up to some town that his band "Going South" was hired to play for. They have a town street festival once a month. Now, we see Scott everyday in his baseball cap, t-shirt and blue jeans so this is the main way we identify him. So on Saturday night we take off and drive 65 miles northeast from Tampa and get to this little, little Podunk town called Fort Meade. We walk around a see the band and we’re not sure if that is Scott in the hat. We never notice the mustache before. Low and behold it’s Scott and he can sing. :)
Now we have said how quaint this town is, what you see here is the entire street festival. All 100 feet of it. From the trailer to the yellow blow-up jumping inside thing for the little kids. Everyone here knows everyone else and everyone knows everyones business. They are friendly and will just stop you to talk and tell you about their little part of the world.  It is very nice to meet such nice friendly people. This is "Phosphate" country and all the mines except one have shut down. The depressed economy has hit Ft. Meade and the surrounding area hard. It is almost all older retired folks living here.
Here Kathy is introducing herself to General Meade.  He thought her a little forward for someone who has never been properly introduced.  :)
Of course the town was named after the General. It was the last site of the war with the Seminole Indians in 1856. It is also the oldest city in this county (1849). Present  pop. 5500.
And here is an example of one of the streets of this little town.  All the streets are lined with these trees covered in moss.  It is very pretty.
More next time.
Warren and Kathy

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