Monday, March 15, 2010

Strawberry festival

Every Sunday we try and go some place new, take a break from working on the boat. This Sunday we went to the Strawberry festival. It was first started to help the farmers sell their strawberries. Now it's a big fair, lots and lots of fair food.
 As you can see in the picture they really have growing strawberries down to a science. During the cold weather the farmers used water to keep the berries from the cold. Now Plant City ( that's where the farms are) has big stink holes everywhere. They used so much water they drained the wells and ground water.
I don't know if anyone wants to know this kind of stuff but, I think it is interesting. Kathy:)

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warped said...

Hey there! Sounds like a fun day! Now you need to go back when those berries are ripe and eat a whole bunch of them :) We're getting lots more sunshine and longer days - outdoor tennis can't be far behind. wish you were here xoxoxo love ya, g